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hubbuchmedia – the specialists for professional video productions

We have more than 30 years’ experience in video production to the highest standards. We will provide you with individual services and complete packages from A to Z. Creative ideas and innovative techniques crafted to perfection make us the ideal partner. Know-how, experience and personality combine to make us a strong and versatile team. We are passionate about our work and working for you.

We are hubbuchmedia


Thomas Hubbuch

Business owner, photographer, cameraman
The experienced all-rounder

Thomas knows his profession inside out. He has 30 years’ experience of video production including concept, direction, camera work and editing. In this time he has developed a strong feeling for customer needs.

After training as a photographer, he went to ARD in Stuttgart, Germany to get on-the-job training as a camera assistant and later as a camera/man on commission for SRF Studio Basel.


Ivan Aebischer

A solutions-oriented creative force

Ivan, our man for electronic news gathering, has been part of the team since 2008. He has expertise in a broad repertoire of filming techniques using various cameras, light, drones, slider and Steadicam. After training as a cameraman, he gathered practical experience at regional TV station Telebasel and as a freelance for various companies.


Sanjeevan Yogarajah

Videographer and Editor
The multifaceted newcomer

Sanjeevan, our youngest staff member, knows his way around cameras, editing, image processing, animation and HTML. He is self-taught and has gathered many years’ experience on the job at advertising agencies, regional TV companies, and community TV.


Tobias Poppinger

The right man for news reporting

Tobias, the totally reliable, cheerful team player, is our news-reporting specialist. He has been working as an ENG and studio cameraman for TV companies including SRG, Telebasel and Teleclub as well as private production studios for the last 15 years. It is important to Tobias to present people and products optimally and in the best possible light. His meticulous, creative approach sets him apart.


Silvio Anania

Sound technician
The man for complex recording situations

Silvio, our ENG audio specialist, has been working in the field for more than 20 years. For the last 10 years he has been our freelance sound technician. He is the right man for perfect sound even in demanding recording situations.


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