Corporate Video, Advertising Spots:

Whether for online media, the big screen or television - a persuasive concept, a strong script and professional production are key to the way your company presents itself and its products. We will support you during each stage of realization.

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Online Media:

Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo: We will complement your viral campaign with online videos for your target audience. Or we can enhance your website's appeal with a video portrait.

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Cameraman, Video Editing:

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals, equipped with the latest technology. Our vehicles and HD editing station are ready for your on-the-spot production needs.

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Technology, Know-How

We have cameras for the "cinematic look" and equipment for special camera movements, different lighting moods and stereo sound. With our experienced staff and the latest technology, we will produce high quality audiovisual communication tools for you.

Additional Equipment